Not many people are aware that while excessive weight - obesity - is considered to be an ailment, even excessive weight loss is an ailment in itself. Actually, it is not the weight loss, but the eating disorder that causes the weight loss. And specialists around the world are trying to curtail this problem that is prevalent amongst youngsters - females - in almost all developing nations.

In the last decade or so it has been a fad to be stick thin. And to have that ramp-model figure teenage girls would go starve themselves. Even worst is that they would eat and then put their fingers deep into their mouth so that they would throw up whatever they have eaten. And this eventually would lead to a eating disorder, clinically termed as anorexia nervosa. This is commonly known as anorexia.

This is not just an eating disorder, but also a psychological disorder. It is what specialists consider a condition, which goes far beyond the uncontrollable dieting. This problem, as healthcare professionals describe it, begins with dieting in order to lose weight. And over a period of time loss of weight becomes indicative of control and mastery. This means that it becomes a matter of fears about one's body, or rather the need to have complete control over one's body. The actual need to lose weight goes into the background.

An individual usually reaches a stage where starvation is natural. It is not enforced. In fact, in take of food would make one feel rather ill. But, with the passage of time weakness steps in and it has been fatal for a number of young women, barely out of their teens.

Even though this disorder is predominant in females, yet about five percent men can develop this problem. Also, while a vast majority of those suffering from this problem are adolescences and women in their early twenties; there are children, as well as elders who do suffer with the same ailment.

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