Ideal Diet For Summer

Summer time brings with it the yearning and the desire for cool drinks and cool-ades. For instance, one would love to have iced coffee in summer, whereas in winter, one thinks immediately of a hot cup of cocoa or a hot chocolate or then hot coffee or tea. There is an ideal diet one can follow during the scorching months of summer time!

  • Beat the heat by having a lemonade or lime juice, instead of cola beverages which have aeration and sugar content. The diet colas have an ingredient called Aspertame which is avoidable, especially if one is looking to follow an ideal diet scenario for the months of summer.
  • Have water and keep hydrated! Avoid more than one cup of coffee or tea during summer. Coffee in itself is dehydrating and one needs to stock their bodies up with water as the summer sun is bright and warm!
  • Have digestive biscuits instead of regular ones. This helps in digestion easier and they have nutrients in them as well. This is for anyone who may have a craving for something sweet at times. Have a chocolate if one craves sugar. A bar of chocolate is less fattening than a double scoop of icecream and the sugar and cocoa in chocolate is not harmful either. Once in a week, make it your cheat day! Where you can forget a diet and treat yourself to a bar of Cadbury or an Indian sweet dish can be had as well.
  • Have fruits. Summer time brings with it a host of fruits. Have strawberries, watermelon (mostly water content in watermelon) and fruits like Pear, Apple and more. Bananas are wonderful to consume as they have many nutrients and strength boosters as well. But don’t have more than one banana in a day as they are high in calories as well. An apple a day is good for you but avoid juices if you can eat the fruit and do not opt for packaged juices, as far as possible if you are looking to have a fresh food diet or an ideal one at that.
  • Exercise and sweat it out! Toxins come out in sweat and that is good for a natural body glow as well as many other attributing factors to sweat through exercise. Have yogurt in summer and eat vegetables, boiled or cooked with less oil.
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Fitness Regime

Regimes of fitness and exercise are important and super essential for a person when they are looking to maintain a healthy and a balanced lifestyle! Fitness is a way of life or definitely once a person gets used to a regime of fitness, it helps maintain an equilibrium and balance. Fitness in anyway and everyway is good but overdoing anything, whether fitness, exercise or food is avoidable. Fitness regime starts by doing a bit of yoga in the morning and some stretching of the body which are encompassed in a few exercise structures and ways. This is an ideal start of the day for a fitness regiment or regime. A structure of space between exercise and food is very important. Do not exercise on a heavy stomach. Give a break of one hour at the minimum. Do not have fluids like coffee in excess.

Wake up to a lovely Surya Namaskar- in the process, you value the Sun and do the right exercise to start. Visit the gym or walk briskly otherwise called and termed as a brisk walk at least three times in a week. Do not vigorously exercise and do not exercise for excessive time as this is not at all recommended and it should be avoided in totality. A regime of food that is healthy coupled with beverages that are good for you, like milk and of course, water, being the elixir of life, is a good regime to follow for a daily basis.

Eating a few almonds or dry fruits in between your day will allow stomach muscles to function between your three main meals- which is breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack is good to have too. This will exercise and keep your stomach’s wheels in motion and help as a calorie burning aid as well. Fitness starts in your mind so try and mentally be relaxed when you wake up rather than have coffee and think of work immediately as this is not part of a fitness regiment in any way.

Treks, sports , swimming and leisure activities too can be turned into productive activities to maintain a good stability in body and mind as well as top the lists of fitness regiments. Cycling at times when you are on a picnic is a good work out for your legs and arms. Tennis and badminton are wonderful sports to consider as well.

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Why You Should Read a Weight Loss Consumer Report

The increase in awareness of the overweight problem has lead to the boom in the number of weight loss supplements and numerous weight loss programs. So, in order to be aware of the false claims and choose the best one among the present ones you have to read a weight loss consumer report.

Weight Loss Consumer Report Choosing a weight loss product is very important aspect of your personal weight loss program and you need to be cautious about the product you decide to use. For making an informed decision you must look up at the ingredients of the product and be aware of the ingredients that have been marked harmful by the Food and drug administration.

There can be special drugs that maybe be prescribed to you, they can vary differently according to the range of problem of weight loss you are facing. Generally drugs are referred to obese patients, and the effectiveness of these drugs varies from user to user according to their body mass index. However, some drugs are available to the user directly without the support of prescriptions by a medical practitioner. But these drugs should be consumed very carefully and the amount of dose they carry. There should be a precaution followed that you shouldn’t use much different kind of drugs at the same time. At the same time you should be aware of false claims, such as many different products claim to be “herbal” or even “natural” because these products can be many times misleading and may not cause you a positive effect as asserted by them.

So, as a weight loss product consumer you must learn to gather information about the products which are genuinely beneficial and learn to segregate the false claims, and make sure that other people also be aware of legitimate products .


Weight Gain and Cholesterol

The dilemma of people who are fat is how to lose fat. We all know that, but the people who are thin are also faced with a similar kind of problem. Their most wondrous wish to gain some weight and start looking a little buff but not fat or over weight, this is a little guide to show them a way to achieve this dream.

First and foremost one must keep in mind that gaining weight and accumulating fat are two very different things. If you wish to gain weight then you must increase the intake of essential nutrients in the right amount and you must take care of the products that you are consuming.

Weight Gain and Cholesterol There are three essential nutrients that a human body requires. Proteins that help in building muscles and cell, Fats that help you in storing energy and Carbohydrates that provide you with glucose to carry out different chores.

Fat is a double edged sword. If taken rightly it increases the body mass and helps in gaining weight but if consumed in excess it increases the cholesterol level, which can eventually lead to many heart diseases.

Cholesterols are developed in the body from the liver. There are two kinds of cholesterols LDL and HDL.

While LDL is the good cholesterols and needs to in higher amount in the body, it can be easily generated from sunflower and olive oils and Ground nuts. On the other hand HDL is the undesirable cholesterols that need to be curbed and it gets accumulated in the body because of fried and greasy foods.

Eating right and doing anaerobic exercises is the key to gaining weight. Eating the right type of food which predominately focuses on LDL and Omega 3 fats helps in gaining lean muscles and exercises like sprints and weight lifting helps you tone these muscles.

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Weight Loss with Weight Lifting Exercise

Weight lifting exercises are one of the important role players in weight loss exercise. These exercises are generally anaerobic in nature, so they help to burn the carbohydrates and it helps in losing the extra fat in an easy and fast way. By simply following a diet plan you can become a skinny fat person, but with the combination of weight lifting exercise and a good diet plan you can be able to sustain not just a slim body, but a healthy and fit body.

Weight Lifting Exercise To burn the body fat, is not just one day exercise, it requires constant approach of a gradual mix of diet plan and weight loss exercises such as cycling, jogging, climbing etc. If you follow the process carefully you will retain the aroma of a muscular and a lean body with a good metabolism structure and low body fat.

Weight lifting exercise is also recommended by dieticians and doctors because it is known, that extra muscles generally burns extra fat than a normal human body which is at rest. So, in conclusion it can be said that, if you develop more muscles than you can burn more fat, which will be in turn effect of the weight lifting exercises.

Weight loss exercise does not limit their advantages to just one corner of the field, they have multiple advantages which benefit human body in various attributes and help the user to remain in a good physical and mental state for a long age. Many studies taken by various researches in the field have shown that consistent physical weight lifting exercise can increase the metabolism rate by approximately 10-15%.

Weight loss with weight lifting exercises and a good diet plan is an efficient combination that compliments each other and the results are magnificent.

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Myths about Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss then people always have several kinds of myths in their mind. Such myths mislead people and they begin to believe those things which do not really matter for weight reduction. Here are a few myths about weight loss which are very common in the minds of people:

Myths about Weight Loss .Skip meals for weight loss: Many people think that they would be able to lose weight if they will skip one or two meals. However, this is not right. This may make the body adapt to such a condition and the body will start to save each and every part of the food eaten. This will only increase the problems.

. If you eat after 8 in night, you will gain more weight: Several people believe that they should eat the last meal of the day before 8 P.M. People need to understand that weight gain is related to the amount of physical activity done by us and amount of calories consumed by us each day. The time of food consumption does not matter when it comes to weight gain.

.Fad diets offer permanent weight loss: Many people think that different fad diets offer a sure shot and permanent solution for overweight people. However, the reality is that fad diets are only meant for helping people in reducing weight for a short period of time. These diets may help in weight loss in a short period of time but they do not offer stable results.

.Some foods burn fat in the body: If you think that some food like cabbage soups, celery etc. burn the fat present in body then you are wrong. No foods are able to burn fat in the body. However, some foods which have caffeine can enhance metabolism and that too for a short time.

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Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very uncertain issue, and many people have doubts relating the weight loss program. So here are answered some FAQs

  1. Weight Loss After the weight loss program, will I gain weight again?

This is a judgment call, if you are careful about your diet even after the completion of program, then this situation may not occur.

  1. Should I exercise while on weight loss?

This is not strictly advisable, however if you feel the need to exercise you may do so. But according to your diet plan you should exercise also, but don’t overdo yourself.

  1. Is fasting appropriate with medication?

Depends on what medication you are taking and for what reason. The best approach would be to consult your doctor and prepare a diet plan consulting your doctor.

  1. Why am I sensitive to fast food after weight loss?

This is completely normal, during your weight loss you follow a diet plan which restricts you to the domain of natural food, so intake of unhealthy food later makes your body react to it.

  1. Can I be too thin?

If you follow the diet plan properly you may not get too thin, but the disappearance of fat will be visible.

  1. How much weight loss can I have?

Initially the weight loss may be high, but it will be stabilized accordingly as you follow the diet.

  1. Can I be protein deficient?

No, it is not possible and you shouldn’t worry about it.

  1. Will fasting make my metabolism slow?

Initially yes, but the cleaning process of the body will further increase it.

  1. How frequently should I check my weight?

It is normal to check your weight once a day, but you shouldn’t get obsessed about it.

  1. Can I lose weight without changing my diet?

Yes, it is possible. But if you need to lose a sufficient amount of weight it is advisable you follow a diet plan.

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The Big Picture of Permanent Weight Loss

When we talk about permanent weight loss then several weight loss supplements, exercises and diet plans come in to our mind. Permanent weight loss means that after using a certain method for reducing weight, a person successfully gets the desired results without weight gain in future.

Permanent Weight Loss Most of the products which promise permanent weight loss do not really do what they say. Often, people waste their money in buying weight loss pills only to find that they have not helped them. Most of the weight loss supplements that are manufactured continue to show their effects until the time a person keeps on consuming them. When a person stops consuming such weight loss supplements, he begins to gain weight again.

If someone is looking for permanent weight loss then he needs to rely on natural methods for weight reduction. Controlling the diet and doing the right kind of exercises with the right technique are two most effective natural ways of weight loss. However, permanent weight loss can only be achieved by following certain rules with discipline. People who can’t control their diet and do exercises regularly may consider that in reality there is nothing like permanent weight loss

There are many people who reduce their weight by following various methods. Once they lose weight they develop a care free attitude towards their weight and soon they find out that they have again put on weight. What we eat and what we do is mainly responsible for weight gain. Permanent weight loss can only be achieved by those people who understand that they need to be consistent in their efforts to maintain normal body weight. So now you know what you need to do for permanent weight loss.

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Harmful Effects of Weight Gain

If your weight is increasing and you already have normal body weight then you need to do something to control it. These days people have become very conscious about their health and almost everyone knows about the harmful effects of weight gain. However, if you are not very clear about the problems which excess weight can bring in to your life then read on. Following are some of the major harmful effects of weight gain:

Harmful Effects of Weight Gain 1. Increased risk of several diseases: People who have more weight than they should have, have more risk of heart diseases, bone related problems, breathing problems etc. Some diseases like heart attack etc. are very serious and they can change the life of a person in a very bad manner.

2. Increased laziness: Most of the time, overweight people are seen to avoid those tasks which require physical efficiency. In order to stay fit, people should engage in some kinds of exercises. Obese people find it very difficult to do any kind of exercises. Thus, their weight keeps on increasing.

3. Weight gain may lead to depression: When the weight of a person increases then he/she gets various kinds of negative comments from people and the person begins to feel bad from inside. Overweight people also find it difficult to mix easily with others. All this may lead to depression, which is a very serious mental problem.

4. Reduces sexual performance: Several people who gain a lot of weight rapidly complaint about reduced sexual efficiency. It might be rare but obesity may be the cause behind the lack of sexual drive in people because obese people do not feel good about their body. If someone is not confident about his/her body, he/she may lose interest in sex, which is an important part of life.

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Tracking the Symptoms of Rapid Weight Loss

In this fast food enthusiastic world, as obesity has become a problem so have rapid weight loss. Many people are using weight loss products in the false light that these products help in losing weight by an easy method. But researchers have shown that unwanted rapid weight loss is not a healthy habit and it should be avoided.

Intentional weight loss is supposed to be unhealthy when it misbalances your body mass index, or generally called as the normal proportion of your weight and height. However rapid weight loss can be unintentional also due to a sickness or a complication.

Rapid weight loss can result further in more serious problems, such as thyroid problem, tuberculosis etc.  Generally in case of rapid and excess weight loss you should consult a doctor and prepare a reverse diet plan that can assist you gain weight.

 Rapid Weight Loss Rapid weight loss can also be induced to anorexia, a condition in which the patient may suffer from excessive weight loss. The symptoms of anorexia are particularly clear, if you see someone suffering from those symptoms you should immediately consult medical help. It is commonly a psychiatric problem in which a person suffers from eating disorder those results in heavy weight loss.

The symptoms of rapid weight loss can be characterized by dropping of weight of the person briskly in the last few days or weeks, lowering daily food diet, intake of less calories than normal. These symptoms should be recognized at an early stage, and should be treated.

Rapid weight loss problems results in loose skin, muscle loss, insomnia and hair loss. These problems can later on affect the patient physically as well as mentally.

Weight loss on this large scale shouldn’t be an issue, gaining a few pounds is not that big of deal?

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