Fitness Regime

Regimes of fitness and exercise are important and super essential for a person when they are looking to maintain a healthy and a balanced lifestyle! Fitness is a way of life or definitely once a person gets used to a regime of fitness, it helps maintain an equilibrium and balance. Fitness in anyway and everyway is good but overdoing anything, whether fitness, exercise or food is avoidable. Fitness regime starts by doing a bit of yoga in the morning and some stretching of the body which are encompassed in a few exercise structures and ways. This is an ideal start of the day for a fitness regiment or regime. A structure of space between exercise and food is very important. Do not exercise on a heavy stomach. Give a break of one hour at the minimum. Do not have fluids like coffee in excess.

Wake up to a lovely Surya Namaskar- in the process, you value the Sun and do the right exercise to start. Visit the gym or walk briskly otherwise called and termed as a brisk walk at least three times in a week. Do not vigorously exercise and do not exercise for excessive time as this is not at all recommended and it should be avoided in totality. A regime of food that is healthy coupled with beverages that are good for you, like milk and of course, water, being the elixir of life, is a good regime to follow for a daily basis.

Eating a few almonds or dry fruits in between your day will allow stomach muscles to function between your three main meals- which is breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack is good to have too. This will exercise and keep your stomach’s wheels in motion and help as a calorie burning aid as well. Fitness starts in your mind so try and mentally be relaxed when you wake up rather than have coffee and think of work immediately as this is not part of a fitness regiment in any way.

Treks, sports , swimming and leisure activities too can be turned into productive activities to maintain a good stability in body and mind as well as top the lists of fitness regiments. Cycling at times when you are on a picnic is a good work out for your legs and arms. Tennis and badminton are wonderful sports to consider as well.

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