Green Tea Weight Loss

Weight loss by green tea has become very famous in recent years. The health benefits of green tea have been pushing more and more individuals to initiate including green tea in their daily meals. Here are a few reasons why the green tea is presented as the natural way for losing weight.

Green Tea Weight Loss Green tea enhances metabolism.
One study found that green tea extract helps in enhancing the energy expenditure, or improvement in the process of metabolism of the body. Researchers have concluded that green tea causes a rush of a person's metabolic rate by 4 percent. The effects have been seen as a result of the activity of the main components of green tea called catechin polyphenols. These components function by improving the process of oxidation of fats and thermogenesis, which refers to how fast the body burns calories. The increase in the person’s metabolic rate then causes more calories to burn and lose body fat, making green tea weight loss programs successful.

Green tea controls glucose and slows the absorption of fat.
Green tea has been found useful in the regulation of glucose from the body by slowing the rise in blood sugar, particularly after a meal. By acting as a regulator of glucose, green tea prevents fat storage in the body. Green tea also assists in reducing the action of amylase, a digestive enzyme. The course involves the slowing of amylase which is essential in weight loss because it helps to breakdown the starches or carbohydrates, which are the main reasons for the rise of blood sugar after a meal. The green tea catechins also assist in slowing down the passage of glucose into the fat cells. The effectiveness of programs of green tea weight loss is then made actually possible by the regulation of glucose and the suppression of fat absorption.

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