Harmful Effects of Weight Gain

If your weight is increasing and you already have normal body weight then you need to do something to control it. These days people have become very conscious about their health and almost everyone knows about the harmful effects of weight gain. However, if you are not very clear about the problems which excess weight can bring in to your life then read on. Following are some of the major harmful effects of weight gain:

Harmful Effects of Weight Gain 1. Increased risk of several diseases: People who have more weight than they should have, have more risk of heart diseases, bone related problems, breathing problems etc. Some diseases like heart attack etc. are very serious and they can change the life of a person in a very bad manner.

2. Increased laziness: Most of the time, overweight people are seen to avoid those tasks which require physical efficiency. In order to stay fit, people should engage in some kinds of exercises. Obese people find it very difficult to do any kind of exercises. Thus, their weight keeps on increasing.

3. Weight gain may lead to depression: When the weight of a person increases then he/she gets various kinds of negative comments from people and the person begins to feel bad from inside. Overweight people also find it difficult to mix easily with others. All this may lead to depression, which is a very serious mental problem.

4. Reduces sexual performance: Several people who gain a lot of weight rapidly complaint about reduced sexual efficiency. It might be rare but obesity may be the cause behind the lack of sexual drive in people because obese people do not feel good about their body. If someone is not confident about his/her body, he/she may lose interest in sex, which is an important part of life.

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