Ideal Diet For Summer

Summer time brings with it the yearning and the desire for cool drinks and cool-ades. For instance, one would love to have iced coffee in summer, whereas in winter, one thinks immediately of a hot cup of cocoa or a hot chocolate or then hot coffee or tea. There is an ideal diet one can follow during the scorching months of summer time!

  • Beat the heat by having a lemonade or lime juice, instead of cola beverages which have aeration and sugar content. The diet colas have an ingredient called Aspertame which is avoidable, especially if one is looking to follow an ideal diet scenario for the months of summer.
  • Have water and keep hydrated! Avoid more than one cup of coffee or tea during summer. Coffee in itself is dehydrating and one needs to stock their bodies up with water as the summer sun is bright and warm!
  • Have digestive biscuits instead of regular ones. This helps in digestion easier and they have nutrients in them as well. This is for anyone who may have a craving for something sweet at times. Have a chocolate if one craves sugar. A bar of chocolate is less fattening than a double scoop of icecream and the sugar and cocoa in chocolate is not harmful either. Once in a week, make it your cheat day! Where you can forget a diet and treat yourself to a bar of Cadbury or an Indian sweet dish can be had as well.
  • Have fruits. Summer time brings with it a host of fruits. Have strawberries, watermelon (mostly water content in watermelon) and fruits like Pear, Apple and more. Bananas are wonderful to consume as they have many nutrients and strength boosters as well. But don’t have more than one banana in a day as they are high in calories as well. An apple a day is good for you but avoid juices if you can eat the fruit and do not opt for packaged juices, as far as possible if you are looking to have a fresh food diet or an ideal one at that.
  • Exercise and sweat it out! Toxins come out in sweat and that is good for a natural body glow as well as many other attributing factors to sweat through exercise. Have yogurt in summer and eat vegetables, boiled or cooked with less oil.
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