Natural Weight Loss Methods

There are natural weight loss methods that one can try at home and in the vicinity of one’s kitchen itself. A simple concoction of lemon juice mixed with honey will be the first attempt one can make for a good start towards a naturally fit regime that helps in weight loss. Lemon and honey mixed in warm water and had first thing in the morning increases metabolism and strength of a person. It gives energy and helps in faster metabolism for the day and helps in clearing the stomach of any toxins. This inturn, helps in burning fat easily and it helps in getting more benefit out of a small exercise session too. Burning the fat from the body and combating fat is easily done with natural methods, and with no sideeffects too.

  • Honey – lemon combination with warm water
  • Exercise and walk on the treadmill for atleast twenty minutes in a day, thrice a week or do it the old fashioned way- walk on a mud surface !
  • Eat fruits instead of juice. Juice has fructose and that is a sugar form that collects in juice! Though juice is healthy and good, eating fruit is more preferable and healthier as an option.
  • Having breakfast is essential. Having a heavy breakfast is good. A semi-heavy lunch and a light dinner is ideal. Having a fruit or a snack break is good as well. For snacks, one deos not have to resort to eating fried food or packaged chips and the likes of that. The key is to have a freshly made snack or something that is easy and light- examples are- a fruit, a few fruits together in a platter,  cereal bars and if you really have a sugared tooth, or if you desire to have a sweet fix, give yourself one day in a week to indulge and gorge on sweet foodstuff. Do not have sugar in forms of boiled sweets if you are looking to lose weight. Instead, opt for one bar of Cadbury dariy milk or a small bar of chocolate! That has milk and cocoa in its mixed form and is better to eat than sugared sweets and fried food.
  • Have skimmed milk instead of milk with cream. This helps in many a way and this is a calorie counter too. Have low fat yogurt instead of creamed and frozen yogurt.
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