Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss

Weight loss is a very uncertain issue, and many people have doubts relating the weight loss program. So here are answered some FAQs

  1. Weight Loss After the weight loss program, will I gain weight again?

This is a judgment call, if you are careful about your diet even after the completion of program, then this situation may not occur.

  1. Should I exercise while on weight loss?

This is not strictly advisable, however if you feel the need to exercise you may do so. But according to your diet plan you should exercise also, but don’t overdo yourself.

  1. Is fasting appropriate with medication?

Depends on what medication you are taking and for what reason. The best approach would be to consult your doctor and prepare a diet plan consulting your doctor.

  1. Why am I sensitive to fast food after weight loss?

This is completely normal, during your weight loss you follow a diet plan which restricts you to the domain of natural food, so intake of unhealthy food later makes your body react to it.

  1. Can I be too thin?

If you follow the diet plan properly you may not get too thin, but the disappearance of fat will be visible.

  1. How much weight loss can I have?

Initially the weight loss may be high, but it will be stabilized accordingly as you follow the diet.

  1. Can I be protein deficient?

No, it is not possible and you shouldn’t worry about it.

  1. Will fasting make my metabolism slow?

Initially yes, but the cleaning process of the body will further increase it.

  1. How frequently should I check my weight?

It is normal to check your weight once a day, but you shouldn’t get obsessed about it.

  1. Can I lose weight without changing my diet?

Yes, it is possible. But if you need to lose a sufficient amount of weight it is advisable you follow a diet plan.

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