Weight Gain and Cholesterol

The dilemma of people who are fat is how to lose fat. We all know that, but the people who are thin are also faced with a similar kind of problem. Their most wondrous wish to gain some weight and start looking a little buff but not fat or over weight, this is a little guide to show them a way to achieve this dream.

First and foremost one must keep in mind that gaining weight and accumulating fat are two very different things. If you wish to gain weight then you must increase the intake of essential nutrients in the right amount and you must take care of the products that you are consuming.

Weight Gain and Cholesterol There are three essential nutrients that a human body requires. Proteins that help in building muscles and cell, Fats that help you in storing energy and Carbohydrates that provide you with glucose to carry out different chores.

Fat is a double edged sword. If taken rightly it increases the body mass and helps in gaining weight but if consumed in excess it increases the cholesterol level, which can eventually lead to many heart diseases.

Cholesterols are developed in the body from the liver. There are two kinds of cholesterols LDL and HDL.

While LDL is the good cholesterols and needs to in higher amount in the body, it can be easily generated from sunflower and olive oils and Ground nuts. On the other hand HDL is the undesirable cholesterols that need to be curbed and it gets accumulated in the body because of fried and greasy foods.

Eating right and doing anaerobic exercises is the key to gaining weight. Eating the right type of food which predominately focuses on LDL and Omega 3 fats helps in gaining lean muscles and exercises like sprints and weight lifting helps you tone these muscles.

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