Weight – The New Age Craze Of Weight Maintenance

There is a new age craze about maintaining weight or lowering to get to a body that is a size tow or size zero. Weight loss is sometimes a fixation and sometimes an influence as well, like the recent fad that was started because of the Indian star and actress, Kareena Kapoor. She went on a major weight loss programme to become a small size, yet she worked out and ate right and advocated doing the right thing in terms of diet and exercise. Eventually, she did claim that she had gained a bit of weight and was not and did not want to be termed size zero. Size zero is anyway avoidable as it is leaning towards overtly thin and this is not needed or necessary in any way.

Weight maintenance is good and it is not at all necessary to go on extreme measures for the former stated goal in terms of weight and figure. Weight can be less or more, but if you are fit, that is more essential and important. Weight loss in the right ways, like eating right and watching your calories which in other words, is called a calorie count, is good and a positive thing. But watching weight excessively hard or examining the process of weight loss very keenly is not helpful and in reality, should be avoided in totality. Do not become obsessive in any way or manner towards the procedure of weight loss.

Look at it as a part of a healthy life style, when you opt for healthy fresh food, instead of packaged fried food, to state an apt and ideal example. This alteration or addition in lifestyle of eating healthy and incorporating fruits instead of juice, in any form, either freshly churned or packaged is one way of making a kick start. The sugar in chocolate is alright and infact nice to consume once in a week, or once in a way! depending entirely on your ability to resist sweets!(depending on that one can have a chocolate once a week or if you can resist that urge for sweet, then make it once in 9 to 10 days time).  Exercise and do yoga as well as body stretches which helps in elasticity of the body as well as being good forms of exercise. Eat well but eat right! That’s the slogan to follow!

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