What Are Your Eating Habits?

What are your eating habits? Take a look. take a moment and take some more time than a few moments to actually make an analysis of your eating habits, or then simply read this and see if it applies to any of you. Eating habits creep up on you, in the sense, if a person starts to have coffee, they may not at all get addicted until they have tried coffee for over a period of considerable time.

The key is to know that before any food item, good or unhealthy for you, gets to become a habit, make a balance, and refrain and enjoy other foods and one more essential point to keep in mind and remember at all times is that eat food right, eat food well and eat in moderation. Do not stuff yourself nor starve yourself. Both these are tow extreme parts of a pendulum and this is a dual option to be avoided.

If you wake up to no warm water and to direct cups of tea or coffee or a cup of either beverage, then you are not starting the right way of eating and you need to make the first alteration to your eating regiment. If you wake up and have a cup of hot coffee, then your body or stomach from sleep mode is working at hyper levels with the caffeine to get into action gear with a kick start and this is not advisable. Calm and slowly get your stomach into active mode as this will help your day equilibrium better and help in a good balance of food and energy for you as well.

Start your day with a warm water glass which has content of honey and lemon squirted juice drops. This is good for you as the stomach slowly begins to be put to task and works for the better of the body balance and working of it for the day towards food and the intake of the same. Have coffee or tea after a break from the warm water. Eat a few almonds and some cereal as an accompaniment to your morning beverage of choice. if you like to eat fried food for lunch, that again constitutes wrong eating habits.

Why opt for a fried cutlet when you can have the cutlet without deep frying it. The nutrients are more when a vegetable is un fried. Remember these simple measures for a positive diet plan and food plan.

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